Maison Fleur de Lis

Patina Luxe ; Euro Vintage Sale ...

In 2013 Maison Fleur de Lis closed  City Chic Country Charm, and decided to raise the "vintage bar". They became the sole creator of Patina Luxe . It was held in several  historical locations in 2014 & 2015.

Paris Flea, as a Guest

Maison Fleur de Lis ... Special Events

                    Through the years, Maison Fleur de Lis has been the sole creator of two unique special events.

From the Patina to the Luxe...

The Elegant Barn

Patina Luxe

  City Chic Country Charm ; Elegant Barn Sale ... 

In 2009 Maison Fleur de Lis was the sole creator & later invited other artists to join their event.

This "occasional sale" in a antique barn was the first venue of its kind in Rochester, & was held from 2011 - 2013.