From the Patina to the Luxe ...

Our Signature Brand  is Elegant Neutrals.

But Pops of Color can enhance the ambiance of Subtle Monochromatic furniture & décor.

To satisfy our clientele on both sides of the Color Spectrum, we will still emphasize the

Creamy Whites, French Butters, Soft Taupes & Elegant Greys

but will now add a seasonal palette of Accent Accessories.

Available Treasures at Our Boutique ...

Maison Fleur de Lis ... Nouveaux Treasures

Introducing Our French Seasons Palette...

                      Spring Bloom

In a vignette of  Gallic Green, Versailles Lavender,

Paris Rose, Chantilly Crème, Loire Peach,

Fountainbleu Sky and  Riviera Spa.

All in a French Prairie or Paris Salon Style.

Available  treasures waiting to be lovingly placed in Your  Maison ...

An Artisan blend of the Patina & the Luxe, the Humble & the Ornate; & so much more.

Unique Treasures , both Handpainted  & Vintage, in our signature Euro- Vintage Style.

Maison Fleur de Lis