... Aren't Local ?... No problem.

Our Etsy Boutique ships

             from sea to shining sea

            & everywhere in between.

We sell  Vintage Treasures in a

Euro-French Style.

From the Patina to the Luxe...

Maison Fleur de Lis

Artist Atelier

From a Holy & Serene Madonna cradling the Miracle of Christ just Born ...

To  a handmade life-size paper Angel holding a Crystalline Rose & Dove of Peace.

From a Rustic Tree of the 1st Day of Christmas : Partridge in a Pear Tree...

To an Elegant Handmade Mannequin of the 2nd Day of Christmas : Two Turtle Doves.

Maison Fleur de Lis

... is located at The Shops on West Ridge

Vintage & Antiques - 200 Shops

Vignettes Nos. 613 & 615

Lower Level ,Turn Left, Bottom of Stairs

3200 Ridge Road West

Rochester, New York

585 368 0670

Thursday - Sunday

10 - 6

Maison Fleur de Lis

Shop Boutique

... is located at  Our Artisan Studio

Vintage &Antiques 

Come to our studio where

our treasures are being re-created.

Select  a piece from our

European-style inventory;

 As we can create a piece just for you.

Arrange to see our

Art Studio  & French Garden

By Appointment

shops on west ridge

Maison Fleur de Lis

Etsy Boutique

Maison Fleur de Lis Boutiques