... Aren't Local ?... No problem.

Our Etsy Boutique ships

             from sea to shining sea

            & everywhere in between.

We sell  Vintage Treasures in a

Euro-French Style.

... is located at The Shops on West Ridge

Vintage & Antiques - 200 Shops

Vignettes Nos. 613 & 615

Lower Level ,Turn Left, Bottom of Stairs

3200 Ridge Road West

Rochester, New York

585 368 0670

Thursday - Sunday

10 - 6

Maison Fleur de Lis Boutiques

Maison Fleur de Lis

Artist Atelier

... is located at  Our Artisan Studio

Vintage &Antiques 

Come to our studio where

our treasures are being re-created.

Select  a piece from our

European-style inventory;

 As we can create a piece just for you.

Arrange to see our

Art Studio  & French Garden

By Appointment

Maison Fleur de Lis

Shop Boutique

From the Patina to the Luxe...

Maison Fleur de Lis

shops on west ridge

Maison Fleur de Lis

Etsy Boutique

From a Seaside Beauty enveloped  by  Sea-swept  Coastal Dunes...

To  a handmade life-size paper Angel holding a Seashell -Adorned Hydrangea.

From a Parisian Salon Summer of  Dove Grey & Elegant Blue... 

To a French Prairie Ambiance of Provencal Sage & Humble Burlap.