Maison Fleur de Lis

From the Patina to the Luxe...

Maison Fleur de Lis  Style

Furniture treasures are handpainted in our signature Parisian Gypse Renaissance Paint. Timeless neutrals with handpainted designs, vintage hardware & carved details.

From Fleur de Lis White to Chantilly Crème; From French Dove Grey to Classique Black .

Even into palettes of French Butter, Parisian Taupe, Riviera Spa & Provencal Sage.

No two pieces are alike, as we purposely search for unique treasures that speak to us,

resulting in  One-of-a-Kind  pieces with a French-style silhouette & European details.

French Prairie &

Rustic Farmhouse

...  Salvaged  &Aged

Parisian Salon &

Distressed  Chateau

... Drama & Elegance

Country French &

Romantic Cottage

... Serenity & Comfort